welsh_museum.jpg (21685 bytes) A LD2 truck in a museum somewhere in Wales. Does anyone know where ?
electrick_tug_50.jpg (35143 bytes) Electric tug Glos, UK.
ONE.jpg (49505 bytes)

This truck spent it's working life at a paper mill in Bury Lancs.

nwm.jpg (64566 bytes) One of the National Waterway Museum's LD2 CS tractor units.
The author's  petrol truck collection. The tipper on the left of the picture has since been 90% restored
Another view of the author's trucks including some of his diesel collection. Three of these trucks spent their working lives in Lister's Dursley Factory including the electric in the foreground which has since been sold and can be seen cruising the mean streets of Stroud. 
gcw.jpg (45115 bytes) Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Works 'No 7' unloading at the Dean Forest Railway's Lydney headquarters. The truck was driven into the museum shortly after this picture was taken filling the adjoining shop with smoke !
owo.jpg (36104 bytes) The author's first truck displayed shortly after restoration at the Dean Forest Railway's annual show. Delivered new to Lion Engineering works Monmouth in October 1955 this truck passed through several owners before purchase and restoration in the early 1980's.
eweny.jpg (50844 bytes) SS3 displayed in original condition a the Eweny village show, Mid Glamorgan South Wales. The then owner's son was once stopped by the police driving his mates through the centre of Bridgend on this truck!
bring_out_ya_kids.jpg (37263 bytes) Spot the looney ?
threetrucks_small.jpg (37263 bytes) This photo shows Auto-trucks 25513 (1944), 52798 (1962) and 38906 (1952), in South Wales in 1985.