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Lister-Petter Tyndale 2000 Rally Report

This was the first year that the show boasted a dedicated Auto-Truck section! The weather was extremely kind over the whole weekend, with a clear sky and temperatures in the mid 80's F, tempered bu a welcome cooling wind. Out of the original 20 trucks entered, 17  attended, this was offset by an additional SS3, giving a total of 18. Trevor Clark's LD1 truck attracted much attention, including an interview on Radio Gloucester and a good luck autograph by Fred Dibnah (see gallery). The hot weather took it's toll on the petrol trucks, some of which failed to make it round the display ring. LD2 trucks came to the rescue and performed heavy recovery on several occasions.

The following money was donated from the proceeds:-   
Tyndale Monument Trust.  £3,000
Cotswold Care Hospice.  £200
St Martins Church.  £200
SARA.  £150
Dursley Special Constabulary.  £100
Willow Trust.   £100
"On the Edge".  £50
St Martins Church Kneelers.   £25

 A £100 was also donated to the Colbalt Unit in the form of sponsorship of Trevor Clark's successfull John O Groats to Lands End marathon on  a 1957 Lister Autotruck.

Extract from the official program :-

No Year Make/Model Owner From
01 1955 Lister LD1 Diesel dropside Trevor Clark Bredon
  In June Trevor is drove his autotruck from John O'Groats to Lands End in aid of the Colbalt Unit Appeal Fund. Thanks to all that supported him.
02 1955 Geest Petrol Tipper Julian Chubb Cheltenham
03 1959 Lister LD1 Diesel Tipper Pete Smith Stroud
04 1941 Lister NU9 Petrol PL Philip Faulkner Stroud
05 1949 Wrigley Petrol Dropside G Watkins Monmouth
06 1960 Wrigley Petrol Dropside Terence Turner Tetbury
07 1962 Lister LD2 Diesel Tug Mr & Mrs Mclellan Redruth
08 1965 Lister Electric PHC Philip Faulkner Stroud
09 1959 Lister LD2 Diesel Tug Frank Sanders St Helens
10 1971 Lister Electric Tug John Richardson Boston
11 1968 Lister LR2 Diesel PL Darren Fisher Uley
12 1955 Lister LD2 Diesel PHC Stuart Priday Purton
13 1955 Lister LD1 Diesel CNL Philip Faulkner Stroud
14 1960 Lister LD2 Diesel Tug Ted Bellamy Leeds
15 1955 Lister NU9G Petrol CSA Brian Faulkner Churcham
16 1959 Lister LD2 Diesel PHC Chris Goddard Purton
17 1947 Lister LD2 Diesel Flatbed John Hedges Cam
18 1945 Lister NU9 Petrol Tug Bruce Hoad Crowborough
19 1959 Wrigley Petrol Dropside Bruce Hoad Crowborough
20 1970 Lister Diesel Flatbed Matthew Major Frome


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