Lister LD & LR engine dating


The engine number is composed of 4 parts:-

1/ The number of engines produced in the year commencing January 1st.

2/ The model type, e.g. LD.

3/ The number of cylinders.

4/ The offset from 1950 

( 1 :- 1950 + 1 = 1951,   12 :- 1950 + 12 = 1962)


1042LD14 :- LD1 number 1042 of 1954.

695LR216 :- LR2 number 695 of 1966.


Diesel Auto-Truck dating

The engine number can be used as guide when dating a truck, however there must have been a glut of engines at times.

Take for example LD1 truck 6710. The dispatch document shows this being delivered 28/04/1960. The engine number however is shown as being 910LD18, this dates the engine as 1958.

The gearbox casting is dated on the twins however like the engines it depends on the turn over as to how accurate this is, providing the gearbox is the original the truck cannot of been built before this date!

If the truck has an original LR engine, this dates the truck as being built after 01/01/1966. Twin cylinder trucks nos. 55000 onwards and single cylinder trucks 9000 onwards were fitted with LR engines.