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 September 2013, restoration nears completion.

Having been purchased in 2001 the original plan was to gradually return 8022 to 'R' spec. Search for original parts resulted in acquisition of RT style ballast weights, fuel tank and bonnet, tool box, 2 sand boxes and a petrol clutch. A water cooled J.A.P 980cc V-Twin ex. Aveling Barker roller was found along with parts to convert to air cooling. Steady progress with the chassis was made, fabrication of the RT power unit had commenced, when in 2007 a broken tyre brought things to a head. The loco was stripped down for complete restoration which revealed she was in a sorry state. After an intense 18 month push, 8022 ran as an RT for the first time in August 2013.

Major restoration work included:-

  • Chassis unwelded, redrilled and straighted.

  • Wheels machined to correct gauge.

  • Horn guides & axles machined & shimmed.

  • Gearbox and clutch rebuilt.

  • Numerous parts made including new brake shaft.

  • Engine rebuild, pistons, bearings, valves & guides.

  • Electric start, alternator, ignition & lights fitted (only one new hole drilled).

 May 2013, painting and trial assembly.

 May 2013, engine almost complete, 'just' internals to be reassembled.

 July 2003, J.A.P 'KTW' engine as purchased.

 September 2012, chassis reassembly.

 October 2005, RT ballast weights, sandboxes & toolbox fitted.

March 2002 - On shed, 

June 2001 - Short test drive at the Moseley Trust's temporary storage site.

1976 at the Great Bush railway.




Construct at R.A.Lister's Dursley factory. Weight - 34cwt, indicating that it may have been a RT.


Enfield Middlesex Red Brick Co. Ltd. 14 Archway Road London N19.


Crowborough Brickworks, Sussex. Converted to Diesel using a Petter Twin.


Great Bush Railway, Breacherlands Farm, Handlow Down, East Sussex, minus engine.


Discovered along with a Hibberd under a pile of wood by Brian Gent, Dave Smith & John DeHavilland. Re-commissioned using a Lister LD2.


Swapped with Ruston No 213840 and moved to the Island Narrow Gauge Group, Albany, Isle Of Wight. Rebuilt, ballast weights removed.


Tested on the Surrey Light Railway, Burchill Road, Horsham, Surrey


Dowty RPS, Ashchurch Glos.


Bob Washington Cheltenham.

By 20/08/1983

Alan Keef Ltd, Cote Farm, Cote, Oxford.

By 1984

Caledonian Peat Products, Mossorraw Works, Cowdenbeath, Fife.

By 1985

Darwen Peat, Darwen, Lancashire.


Purchased by John Rowlands and moved to Margaret Danvers College, Cheadle, Mosley, Cheshire. Restored and fitted with dummy wooden ballast weights.


Mel Thorley, Stockport Cheshire.

By 2001

Mosley Trust's Whaley Bridge storage site, Derbyshire.

24/06/2001 ->

Private railway in Gloucestershire


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