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Track laying on WHR phase 4, 17/02/2008

More pictures can be found at:- http://whr.bangor.ac.uk/whlatest.htm




Prepared for next outing, 02/02/2008

First outing, Kemble 04/08/2007


Body refitted on a blisteringly hot day 16/07/2006


May 2006


On arrival at current home 06/04/2005.


Loading at North Sea Camp 06/04/2005.


Tender document image.


Built at Dursley in 1970, 56371 is believed to be the last rail-truck built at the works, although at least 2 others were later constructed by Clay Cross Co. from new parts. 56371 is the only half cab rail-truck known to survive. Although officially designated RM2X, due to problems sourcing a SR2 engine, a SR1 was fitted from new.

Whole working life spent at H.M. Detention Centre, Freiston, Lincolnshire, latterly ferrying workers out to the sea defenses for the day's duties. 

See 33650 for further info on prison.

Restoration was nearly completed by prison inmates, when plans to rejuvenate the railway were dropped, however some mechanical work was still required. Repairs started in 2005 concentrating on getting her mobile and attending to bodywork corrosion. By Autumn, 56371 moved under it's own power for the first time in some years. Restoration was completed July 2007, despite local flooding, just in time for a first outing to Kemble steam fair in August.


Repairs completed:-

Removing rust bulges.




Constructed at R.A.Lister's Dursley factory during the Hawker Siddeley era.


Governor, HM Borstal Inst, Lincs. 


Offered for tender as Lot 4 in sale


Private railway Glos.


Short term loan to WHR(C)


Other North Sea locos:-





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