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52610 nearing completion at Derby.

Lister Blackstone 52610 of 1961, was new to Northern Peat & Moss Litter Co Ltd of New Pitsligo; it worked there along with another older - Lister (3198 of 1930) until 1978. 

Captain Hay had aspirations to run a railway around the lake at his Delgatie Castle estate, Scotland. The captain was great friends with the owner of Northern Peat & Moss Litter so it must have seemed a natural progression for LB52610 to move to Delgatie. The loco arrived, and was placed in an estate garage. Railway construction was started at Delgatie the lake is formed by a dam at one end, and there are a few panels of 20lb track on top of the dam. Unfortunately, the railway was never completed, and so the loco slumbered on in the garage undisturbed. 

The current owner  had always fancied a Lister to add to his private collection of loco and when he got a tip that one may be available in the North of Scotland in September 2003 a deal was quickly done and on April 3rd 2004 52610 arrived in Derby.

52610 will run at the "Last Open day" event at Cadeby on May 14th & 15th 2005, and probably at the Abbey Pumping Station (Leicester) event at the end of June (with 50191). At time of writing no long term location has been decided.

The current owner would be extremely interested in obtaining a picture of 52610 at  Northern Peat & Moss  Litter Co Ltd. 


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