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 52413 in 2004.

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Speci No.




Max. Load.

2 Ton





Build Date.

1960/61 (Based on serial number)



52413 first came to my attention while still in use at Redler Ltd, Stroud, Glos. Factory regulations had relegated her to maintenance duties, inside work being performed by two electric trucks. The seat pillar had been removed and a crude tool tray had been welded on the footplate. 

Some years later I was informed by a North Nibley visitor and Redler employee, that 52413 was now out of use and under threat of scrapping. I made a deal with the manager, on the condition that I restored and rallied her. 52413 appears to have been fitted with a completely new LR2 new front end during the Hawker Siddeley era. I had been told that the engine had been overhauled, however despite much effort the engine could not be made to run. On dismantling I soon discovered that the rings were rusted solid on one cylinder and badly worn on the other. After being sidelined for several years, in 2000 an advert in the Stationary magazine resulted in the purchase of a more appropriate LD2 engine . Although the new engine did run well I decided do a partial strip down, clean internally and fit new big end shells. Two years later she was back running again fitted with a temporary seat and pillar.

Redler Ltd Stroud, 1980's. As found, early 1990's. The polythene sheet was home to an enormous red ants nest. Running again following engine swap, May 2002

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