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Exhibited at Nibley 2002


52333 must have had a front end/engine change in 1969 because  the
advice note says "1479LD211" (1961) and the front mainframe bears a number 56086.

This truck came with the original advice note with the truck and engine manuals
even in a Lister plastic wallet! 

Originally a demo unit with a Lister dealer (Sellers & Batty
(Sales) Ltd, Fengate) near Peterborough and in late 1961 went to a firm
of timber importers (Messrs Trenery & Sons Ltd) on a canal basin in
Market Harborough in exchange for their previous NU9G. In 1990
the firm moved and went a local builder who had it for a
couple of years, realised he wasn't going to restore it as intended and
gave it to a young man who must have been twelve or so. He and his dad,
who are involved in the Welland Valley Vintage Traction Club, seem to
have done a pretty thorough job of it over the years: grandshaft ground,
new bearings and rings, relined brake shoes and clutch plate, a thorough
cleaning and painting and so on.

It was rallied for a while, though never at Nibley though they thought
about it. The son has moved on to a couple of vintage tractors and the
autotruck rather fell in their shadow so it was sold to an avid collector who fially exhibited it at Nibley in 2002.

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