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5050 on the scrap heap 1992.

Shortly after fitting the SS3 front end prior to test load 


Built in 1933 as a petrol 'SS' type, at some time a LD2 power unit  no 554948 had been fitted and it is this number that appears on the log book. 5050's true identity only came to light stamped on the chassis during restoration.  5050 spent all of it's working life at the Dursley factory, latterly ferrying parts from  the press shop to the main factory. Following a worker's productivity suggestion, extra high sides were fitted to increase capacity, other modifications over it's 58 year career included fitting of electric lights so that the public highway could be crossed.  

Redundant following press shop closure, in 1991 5050 was robbed of it's gearbox and consigned to the scrap heap. Fortunately 5050 was saved from the cutter's torch  for it's engine.  Years past and an advert in 'Stationary Engine' lead to the purchase of a replacement engine and gearbox. Although the gearbox was of a later type it still fitted. The original engine was fitted to nos 16541, 51791 and finally 56415. The cracked mainframe was  cast welded, fitted with a correct gearbox and used on Railtruck replica "Little Owl". 

Following another Stationary Engine advert in the 1980's a very rusty, incomplete and worn  SS3 was acquired  . This was  ex. Milford Haven docks works no. 36829 dating from 1951.  Over the years many parts were repaired or replaced  while a suitable chassis was located . The front end was assembled in 2001 and placed in 5050's chassis in 2003 with a target to display at the Lister-Petter 2004 rally. Unfortunately time ran out however 5050 did take part in the 2004 Dursley festival and carnival parade on the 10th of July.

Following the parade 5050 crept back through the gates of the works, now a far cry of their heyday 58 years earlier. What remained of the works was under imminent threat of demolition. 5050 was loaded under the shelter of the loading bay awning during a torrential rain storm before quietly departing for a second and final time. 

Repairs included:- 

    Front springs re-tempering / new top leaves fitted.

    Front mudguard and chain guards fabricated from scratch.

    Steering ring welded and straightened.

    Side plates welded and re-drilled.

    Extensive re-bushing.

    Replacement louvered engine cover.

    Replacement engine (Beaulieu auto-jumble)

    Replacement number plate and exhausts.

    Top cover re-plated.

    Steering rollers ex. Lister's Dursley engine production line.



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