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4511 August 2005. Note the original Lister transfer just visible on the galvanized engine cover.

4511 in the 1980s.

Engine close up

Original Log book [Front][Back] Tax discs [1937][1937][1940]

By 1980 4511 had been preserved by a former Arthur Press employee and parked in garden in Cam near Dursley. After a child was injured playing on it a neighbour bought it and later advertised it in the Gloucester Citizen. 4511 then moved to Tuffley Glos. until lack of storage in the late 80's/early 90's forced another change of ownership. A couple of years later it turned up in the Lister Peter Rally auction. After failing to reach it's reserved, un-loved 4511 was found in a scrapyard in 1996. Having tracked it's progress over 3 decades I at last managed to obtain her in August 2005.

4511 is believed to be the oldest surviving road going Auto-Truck, and possibly the only surviving type 'SS'. The SS type is distinguished by the curved handle bars,  holed rather than louvered side covers and J.A.P engine with integral barrel/head. The original body style of this truck in hard to ascertain, there are no tell tale holes where a steel or wooden bed would attach. There are however several 5/8" holes in the chassis which indicate that a tipping type body may have been fitted. The rear axle appears to have been shortened, possibly by Listers to the customer's requirements.

4511's condition is good considering it's age and the engine turns freely. Parts missing parts included petrol and oil caps, carb, throttle lever, front brake lever and rods, foot brake detent, chain sight feed oiler, mag pickup, points cover and seat.  

Plans are to get 4511 running and rally un-restored in 2006. So far a brake handle and foot brake detent has been acquired and the steering and rear brakes have been freed.


1932 - 193?    Gloucester Incubators Co Ltd, Woodchester Works, Nr Stroud, Glos.
1st Feb 1933. First taxed.
193? - 1980    Arthur Press Ltd, Vale Mills, Woodchester, Stroud, Glos.
1980 - 199?    Purchased for preservation.
199? -             Failed to reach reserve Lister Peter Rally auction.
1996 - 2005    Purchased from scrap yard by Dursley resident.

2005  -            Return to working order commenced.


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