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Lister Tyndale 2004

While fitted to 56415's CN chassis.

Supplied new in December 1961 to 'British Insulated Cables', Cheshire, [Despatch Document], 44425 nearly came to an ignominious end. Having been acquired in the early 1980s by a stationary engine enthusiast, it was subsequently cannibalised to build a farm go-kart.

The front end was cut up to extract the engine and the tanks were used on stationary engines. The chassis ended up as a farm trailer, both the go-kart and trailer have subsequently been scrapped.

The remains were acquired for spares in the restoration of 14984, following an advert in 'Stationary engine'. The left-hand side cover found it's way down to the Kent and East Sussex Railway.

Eventually the majority of the front end was not required for 14984, although the trucks did exchanged gear levers. Having acquired an engine and tanks from a motor bike enthusiast, sufficient parts of the jigsaw were to hand. The 1/4" steel side plates, uprights and R/H handle bar were welded back together. Only 3" remained of the L/H handle bar, so a new one had to be fabricated. Tank supports were also missing and had to be made.

The rebuilt front end was was fitted into 56415's CN chassis. Fitting the NU9G front end into the LD2 chassis, simply required drilling 6 additional holes to take the 3-bolt roller castings.

In 2003 a friend was looking for a petrol tug and a short LD2. I had decided to restore 5050 back into a SS3, so I had a spare LD2 front end. I had also obtained a cut down bare SS3 chassis and a suitable back axle, so I decided to do a double swap and turn 444425 into a CS tug. A replacement side cover was obtained, a front cover was fabricated and a bed and footplate fabricated.. 

44425 was finished in 2003 and the new owner applied a coat of paint and exhibited it on the rally seen for a couple of years. 44425 has since been resold and moved again to the Corris Hill Railway


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