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Shortly after rescue with 600cc 'stored' on board.

Found in a barn by a Lincolnshire enthusiast in 2002 along with a LD2 with similar chassis. To his pleasant surprise he discovered it was fitted with a JAP 750cc V-Twin engine! Unfortunately the engine was later found to be seized and was removed for attention. A 600cc single was mounted in the power unit for a while, this engine eventually found it's way into 37634. In 2003 42425 moved south to a new home in Nailsworth, Glos. where some dismantling and restoration commenced. Attention focused on the engine but despite soaking in penetrating oil for a couple of years, all attempts to free it failed. Following a swap with LD2 54689, 42425 moved to it's current home on 15/04/2006 .

 Apart from the engine, which appears to have lost some internals, the stabilizers require some work to the tyres and bearings and one corner of the chequer plate is bent.

A start has been made on the engine and following a struggle, the barrels have been removed and crankcases separated.

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