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Speci No.




Max. Load.

2 Ton




4' 4"

Build Date.

1950 (Based on serial number)


JAP 600cc Air Cooled Side Valve



35452 prior to dismantling for restoration.


35452 is fitted with a hand operated hydraulic tipping body, with a large ram. The pump has over sized pistons and an auxiliary reservoir with a petrol type filler cap.

Believed to have been originally owned by the Water Board, 35452 was later offered to mate who was on the lookout for a truck. To complicate things a family of thrushes had made a home of 35452 and not wishing to wait until the birds had flown, he purchased 25513 instead. Some years later I placed an advert for spares, the owner responded, the birds had flown, and a deal was done. The engine had been removed and the lift off sides and tail gate were missing but apart from that the truck was complete.

I later acquired an engine from a auto jumble and after several years I got fed up with 35452 sitting forlorn and motionless and decided to do a 'quick get it running job'.


  Somebody blew up my Auto-Truck!.

I soon hit a problem when I came to move 35452 into the garage for restoration, she refused to budge an inch. I later discovered the large bearings in the idler gear were rusted solid, I suspect they had not seen grease for years. Having stripped out and repaired the bearings I decided that I 'might as well do a proper job' and ended up dismantling 35452 down to every last nut and bolt, even to the extent of un-welding the chequer plate on the bed to remove the rippling affect of rust!

The hand pump required a lot of work because it was full of water due to a missing filler cap on the reservoir. The pistons were rusted beyond repair, however fortunately Listers increased the piston diameter by pressing a sleeve over the standard piston. I had the old sleeves pressed off and new ones fitted.


  A kit of parts resembling the Starship Enterprise.

  Starting to look more like an Auto-Truck as the engine is installed.


  The tipping body frame is lowered into place

  Smoke and the sound of the 600cc J.A.P fill the air.

I had intended to exhibit 35452 at the 199? North Nibley rally however for reasons I forget, I didn't go and momentum was lost. All the major componemts have been reassembled leaving the head board, a few odd jobs and a final coat of paint to finish the job.


At 12' long and 4' 4" wide, 35452 wouldn't fit my trailer and I reluctantly decided to sell it, however I am glad it has found a good home!


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