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33650 night time shot shortly after retro rebuild 03/08/2006.


33650 acts as tailor's dummy for 8022's RT front end, 01/05/2005.


From left to right  'little owl', 8022, 56371 & 33650 on shed 06/04/2005.


33650 takes to the air 05/04/2005.


33650 at North Sea Camp tender viewing 09/03/2005.


33650 spent all of it's working life at North Sea Camp Freison, Lincs where it was employed on the internal railway system for maintaining sea defenses. Supplied as an R type with a J.A.P 600cc engine, converted to RM2X spec in 1959, presumably by Listers.

At it's peak there were 6 Lister Rail trucks on the railway which sadly fell out use in the 1970s. 33650 was one of the last 2 operational locos, 56371 ferried workers from their billets while 33650 shunted skip wagons along the defenses. Sister loco 33651 found it's way to the Prison Services College, Newbold, Warwickshire and 55413 is stuffed and mount along with a pair of skips inside the prison gates. The camp has gained much publicity in recent years due to it's infamous inmate.

In 2001 plans were announced to refurbish the railway and work commenced restoring 56371 and some stock. A change of governor in 2004 killed the restoration plan and in 2005 the whole railway including 4 Listers and spares were put out to public tender. 33650 & 56371 joined 8022 on a private railway on 06/04/2005. 

For some reason 33650's engine was removed and stored along with 10994 and 51917's and later scrapped following a clear out. The only missing parts apart from the engine appears were thought to be the drive chains but closer examination revealed that the gearbox is missing it's selector forks and shafts. 33650 has been returned to near original, in un-restored condition, using parts from road truck 32977.

 Moved under it's own power for the first time in some 20 years on 06/07/2006.




Constructed at R.A.Lister's Dursley factory.


Governor, HM Borstal Inst, Lincs. 


Converted to RM2X spec


Offered for tender


Arrived on private railway Glos.


Other North Sea Camp Listers






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