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Front end as found


Back end as found

Originally owned by Gloucester Council until sold at auction in the early 1980's. Cut in two by the new owner, when found the front end was still very complete and in surprisingly good condition, considering being stored in the open for 20+ years. In 2000 it was spotted in an orchard on the farm in Churcham near Gloucester  by a lorry driver who was by chance an auto-truck enthusiast. The farmer after some persuasion agreed to sell the front end. I originally planned to use 32977 for spares and it has been completely dismantled to save space. The engine turned freely once the timing chain was removed, the only real problem being the badly wasted cylinder head fins. The mag has since been rebuilt and fitted to truck 5050. Fortunately the tanks has been removed and dry stored although one filler cap and fuel tap are missing.  The back end is still in use as a trailer although negotiations continue and I hope to one day reunite the two halves. 

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