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At Nibley 2003, revitalized with new chassis and 750 V-Twin engine but in dire need of a repaint.. 


Supplied new in July 1944 to 'The Ministry of Supply, Uxbridge, Middlesex'.

25513plate.JPG (33225 bytes)

25513_engine.jpg (479474 bytes)

Dispatch Document

Works Plate


New V-Twin engine fitted






This truck has had at least 6 private owners in 'preservation' and was rallied in original condition for several years, before sadly ending up dismantled.

Acquired as a kit of parts by the last but one owner, the engine and front nameplate casting were used in the restoration of 38906, an LD1 front end was then installed in it's chassis. 

The current owner is using the sad remains to recreate a 750 V-Twin truck, along with parts from various sources, including the front nameplate casting from a SS3.

The whereabouts of the LD1 truck are currently unknown. Eventually it is hoped to  reunite the front end with the original chassis.

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