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16541 in 2000.

Although the chassis type of this truck denotes that it should have a 3 way tipping body, the tipper is bolted direct to the chassis. There is however a pin that is designed to lock the body while in motion.

Previously operated at Gloucester's Over power station, this truck was obviously designed to carry something very hot, there was a 1/2inch thick sheet of asbestos protecting the driver and the tipper body has badly wasted and distorted.

In 1986 this truck was one of two that Black Bros. of Gloucester sold by auction. Having removed the engine to provide a spare for a generator, the successful bidder sold the remains for scrap.

Saved from the scrap man, the chassis was temporarily paired with the engine from DG7770, which was missing a gearbox at the time.

Having acquired a gearbox for DG7770 and reinstated it's engine, for a while 16541 was fitted with the rebuilt LR2 engine from 52413, in this form she was put to work moving earth during my garden railway project. 

I decided to sell 16541 in 2004 and yet another engine swap was performed with the LR2 engine from 56415. Unfortunately timing was such that I had already sold 56415 else I would have put her back to original. The badly corroded non original tipper was replaced with a virtually identical body from a Mercury truck. 

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