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14984 unloading prior to being driven into the DFR's Lydney museum.

Supplied new to 'The Gloucester Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd' in May1941. This truck was allocated the number 7, lucky for this one because it's the only known survivor of the fleet.

[Despatch Document]

This truck was acquired by the Dean Forest Railway Society in the 1970's.

The chassis was found to be in a sorry state, this was rectified using a rail bending 'Jim Crow'.

A new rear axle was machined to replace the badly bent original.

A replacement hydraulic pump, cylinder and lifting arms were acquired from the cannibalised the remains of a LD/LDG. The turn table mechanism had been incorporated into a Bridgewater carnival float.

Having been restored and rallied for a couple of years, this truck is now warm and snug in the Dean Forest Railway's Lydney museum.

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