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11410 restoration nearing completion January 2006

When acquired by the current owner 11410 was in a sorry state. The  frames were either bent or heavily worn, wheel sets were double flanged, gearbox full of water, mud and acorns, clutch and engine were missing. Work to return 11410 to working order commenced in October 2004 .Recently returned to working order, work included:-

1 Reconditioning main frame members work included welding and redrilling worn holes.
2 Cutting and drilling new end frame members.
3 Cutting and drilling new corner gusset plates and corner angle brackets
4 Reassembling frames (including coupling blocks).
5 Reconditioning axle boxes and guides, including fitting new bearings.
6 Reconditioning and turning wheel sets. Reconditioning brake gear, including sourcing new brake spindle.
7 Reconditioning brake gear, including sourcing new brake spindle.
8 Fabricating new footplate.  Included fabrication of seat pedestals and sourcing foot throttle assembly.
9 Fabricating new engine mounts.
10 Sourcing, reconditioning and fitting engine (Lister LD2).
11 Reconditioning gearbox, work included unseizing box, sourcing new gear lever, fitting new output shaft oil seal.
12 Sourcing/fabricating, assembling and fitting petrol clutch.
13 Sourcing and fitting engine sprocket, primary and final drive chains, fabricating chain guard.

New end ballast weights are being fabricated from 10mm. A missing centre ballast is still being sourced. 



New to City of Stoke on Trent,  Leek Road Sewage Works, Hanley.


Rebuilt.  JAP petrol engine replaced with single cylinder Lister diesel,  gearbox probably replaced with Lister "exchange box".
March/April 1974 To Tunstall Sewage Works, Stoke on Trent
Between 23.7.1979 and 9.2.1980 To Burslem Sewage Works, Stoke on Trent

Mid 1980s

To R.P Morris, North Wales, and later to P.N.Lowe, Abbey Light Railway, Leeds
September 1994 To Rick Stewart, Great Ayton, North Yorks
1994 Loco Dismantled
October 2004 To Rick Stewart, Morwellham Quay Museum, Devon.
October 2004 - 2006 Rebuilt, loco first ran on 21st April 2006


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